v4.1.5.894 (Jan 18th 2017)

Release Notes

Network Shares

  • Added descriptive text to Network Share Users Access tab Search field. Added example text to tooltip.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented wildcard searches for users.

Hardware Enclosures and Controllers

  • Added support for Cisco branded SAS HBA's
  • Fixed an issue where the Enclosure View could appear blank.
  • Various small fixes for the iSCSI Software Adapter login/logout dialogs.
  • Fixed a rare issue where the first unit created on an LSI RAID Controller may not appear in the WebUI.

Fibre Channel Target

  • Fixed an issue where a LIP would sometimes not be issued on the target FC ports during add/remove Host access for Storage Volumes.

High Availability Failover

  • Added a faster failover check so that a secondary node can more quickly take ownership of the Storage Pool, Storage Volumes and Network Shares for instances where a active node is powered off or loses all network connectivity to its network switch and standby nodes.
  • Added for FC ALUA paths now report standby status instead of unavailable for the secondary standby node. This corrects an issue that would cause some clients to report dead/failed paths.
  • Added for FC ALUA a check to issue a LIP after failover of the Storage Pool on the Standby node so that the standby paths are redicovered.
  • Added for FC ALUA an issue LIP for when a secondary node comes online from a poweroff or reboot state and goes into standby status.
  • Fixed an issue where some third party FC SAN arrays would not respond to a SCSI Persistant reservation request for full status including keys and reservations. qs-iofence now requests these items individually to support these FC array models.

Storage Pools

  • Added checks in the Create Storage Pool Dialog to detect the number of available disks on a system and provide suggested RAID levels at the top of the RAID selection list. For Example, this will ensure RAID60 is listed before RAID6.
  • Added checks in the Create Storage Pool Dialog to prefer for RAID+Striping Levels and remove Single RAID levels based on the number of drives in the system. This is to ensure best performance and capacity options are chosen during pool creation and discourage non-best practice extremely large single RAID Level, such as a twenty drive RAID5 for instance.
  • Added: Default compression to lz4 on ZFS storage pool create, this applies to all editions.
  • Added: When clicking on the Create Storage pool ribbon button, the first system selected is now a system that has available disks.
  • Fixed: When no free disks are available to create a disk, the options in the pool create dialog are now greyed out.
  • Fixed: enabled storage pool compression support for Community Edition licenses.

Core Service

  • Added: the qs_checkservice will now log to the /var/log/qs_checkservice.log file for any warnings or errors instead of issuing a mail.
  • Fixed an issue where the new qs_restd service was not being monitored correctly by the qs_checkservice.
  • Fixed: Corrected an issue with Object name caching, this corrects an error that could sometimes occur after deleting and then recreating a snapshot, or storage pool with the same name.


  • There is a new SNMP MIB available with this release. You can use qs-util snmpmib to review.
  • Fixed an issue where an SNMP Walk would return no objects.
  • Fixed an issue where the snmpagent was unable to start on 12.04 precise platforms.


  • Fixed: Addressed SSL concern CVE-2016-2183 (SWEET32) with updated qsciphers file to remove DES and 3DES ciphers and disabled tomcat web port 8443.