v4.2.3.007 (April 21st 2017)

Upgrade Instructions

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ISO/DVD/USB Boot Install Image

Note: precise media is available here md5

Release Notes

High Availability

  • Added checks on system startup of passive nodes to ensure encrypted devices are available for HA failover to reduce failover time.
  • Fixed: Corrected a behavior where iofencing would sometimes not be released from a cache device that is removed from the Storage Pool. This would cause a device that was removed to still be locked to the old pool.
  • Fixed: Corrected an issue where some disks would not be included in the Storage Pool device list for iofencing for a storage pool during a failover. This would intermittently cause a failover to not succeed.
  • Fixed an issue with the refresh of the site cluster view in the Web manager after a site cluster configuration is removed by a User.

High Availability Fibre Channel Target

  • Fixed: Now uses Standby instead of transitioning mode during failover. This addresses the ALUA failover "flapping" issues which would cause the devices to not come back online without a reboot.
  • Fixed: Optimized the use of issue LIP to limit disturbance to FC fabrics.
  • Fixed closed a small time window where Relative Target Portal group ID for FC ALUA devices was not set early in an HA Failover. This would cause issues where devices would not come back online without a reboot.

Network Shares

  • Fixed: a Network Share Modify will now correctly apply the recordzsise change to Network Shares on ZFS Storage Pools.

Storage Pools

  • Fixed: Encrypted disks are now opened using concurrency to better support large configurations (80-200 disks). This reduces failover and pool startup time time for Encrypted disks by ~30%.