v4.4.1.011 (December 19th 2017)

Upgrade Instructions

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Release Notes

Backup Policies

  • Updated: new Backup Policies have the Backup Concurrency set for Parallel Backup with 12 streams. Previously the default was Serialized Backups.


  • Ceph packages updated to Jewel 10.2.10 for Quantastor Appliances running on Trusty.
  • Added status icons for Monitors OSDs and other important items to the Ceph Dashboard. This provides a quick at a glance health overview of the most important Ceph Scale-out Cluster items.
  • Added checks to ensure adding ceph nodes to existing clusters are all running the same version.
  • Fixed the Health tooltip for the Ceph Cluster in the Ceph Dashboard to show brief and more useful information about the Ceph PG states.
  • Fixed: A newly created Ceph Cluster will show a status of Initializing and transition to Normal once all the Monitors specified during cluster create are online.
  • Fixed an issue with Ceph RBD Storage Volume to ensure that the corresponding iSCSI Target LUN size is also updated.
  • Fixed: Added additional validations to the Create Ceph Journal Dialog to limit the maximum partition size to 8.


Disk Management

  • Added filtering to Dialogs that list physical disk objects to filter out disks already in use in an active Pool Create, Grow, Add Spare or Add Cache device task.
  • Added support for Persistent Memory devices to be used as Physical Disks.
  • Fixed: Further optimization for the speed of Physical Disk Scan.
  • Fixed: Parallelized Encryption disk format to improve creation time for Storage Pools in larger configurations.
  • Fixed: Changed Dell MD3060e Enclosure to use SES standard for Enclosure discovery and management.
  • Fixed: Corrected the task description for disk identify when setting to on and off instead of duration.

Fibre Channel

  • Added: FC LUN ID's will now be allocated only on Host Assignment. Previously LUN ID's were allocated on Storage Volume Object creation. When this upgrade is installed, all unassigned Storage Volumes and Snapshots will release their LUN ID's back to the unassigned pool. All Volumes currently assigned to host will retain their existing LUN ID assignments.
  • Added a checkbox to the Host/Volume assignment dialogs to release Unused LUN ID's back to the Unassigned pool. By Default Lun ID's are retained on the Storage Volume to allow for temporary unassignment/changing host assignments while keeping the already assigned LUN ID.
  • Added: Storage Volumes that have no Host assignment will now show 'Unassigned' for the FC LUN Property in the WebUI.
  • Fixed an issue with Storage Volume Resize setting a size not compatible with FC ALUA standby device initialization. All Size operations now round up to the nearest megabyte if size is provided in webUI slider or CLI --size by byte size.
  • Fixed an issue with VAAI Primitive Support on FC ALUA configurations.
  • Fixed: The LUN property for Storage Volumes now correctly shows 'FC LUN' in the WebUI to indicate that the LUN ID's are used to indicate the Fibre Channel LUN ID.

Storage Volumes

  • Fixed an issue where Resizing a Storage Volume would not be reflected to the FC or iSCSI target LUN object. This corrects a regression introduced in the 4.3.3 release.

Storage Pools

  • Fixed an issue with the disk format when Adding spares to a ZFS Storage Pool.

Web Manager

  • Added a New dashboard at the top of the Network Share section that quickly shows Network Share used space from Storage Pool used space.
  • Added: The right-click context menu Delete option for Storage Volumes and Network Shares now opens the multi-delete dialog with the Share or volume pre-selected.
  • Fixed an issue with Web browser support for IE and Firefox. This corrects a regression introduced in the 4.4.0 release.
  • Fixed: the Multi-OSD Create Dialog has a larger section for the Journal selected list to always show 3 or more.
  • Fixed: added some minor text clarification for the Storage Pool section of a system in the new Grid Dashboard.
  • Fixed: Selected items now persists through searches and filters for the Create Storage, Pool, Format Physical Disk, Identify Hardware Disk and other dialogs.
  • Fixed: Dialogs that select Physical Disks now have counts labeled "Total" , "Found" , "Selected" to help clarify the listed number of disks that were searched for and selected. Total now always represents the total number of available disks on the system.
  • Fixed the spacing and default height for some of the Split sections of the Central Grid views to better support smaller screen resolutions.
  • Fixed: Combined some of the split sections in the Ceph Cluster section of the webUI to ensure that all important items are visible.
  • Fixed: Right clicking on an enclosure and choosing Modify Enclosure in the Enclosure View will now correctly bring up the specific enclosure you right-clicked on.

High Availability Failover

  • Added additional corner case protection for HA failover in the event both nodes of an HA pair are rebooted or lose power at the same time.
  • Fixed an issue where newly added cache/spare or disk device to a non-multipath configured HA pool could be marked as missing/unavailable after a failover.

Remote Replication

  • Added Estimated Time and Estimated Transfer to Remote Replication Reports for Replication tasks in the Synchronizing state.
  • Fixed an issue with Create Remote Replica for Network Shares that prevented full replication when a custom name was specified.
  • Fixed: Replication tasks for replicating Storage Volumes now show the storage Volume name instead of object ID.
  • Fixed: Added a check to Network Share Snapshot delete to verify that the Snapshot is not in use by a Replication or Snapshot Schedule or being retained for a retention requirement on the destination. You can use the force flag during the deletion to force deletion of the snapshot if required.
  • Fixed: The Replica Associations For Network Shares now correctly show text pertaining to 'Shares' in the Properties fields.
  • Fixed an issue with the Interval settings slider in the Snapshot, Remote Replication and Backup Policy Schedule dialogs where the slider would not initialize at the shown value.
  • Fixed an issue where the Remote Replica Associations would not appear in their central grid view.

Service Core

  • Fixed an issue where some Network devices would be renamed on reboots. This was due to the devices not having a unique BiosDevName reported to the biosdevname Kernel mapping logic, we now read and numerate the devices based on the ifnames.
  • Updated MIB