OSNEXUS QuantaStor Virtual Storage Appliances (VSAs) are simply QuantaStor appliances that run as virtual machines rather than requiring dedicated hardware.  QuantaStor VSAs increase the performance and efficiency of data centers as VSAs can be deployed automatically and require much less hardware to run. QuantaStor VSAs can also be combined into a heterogeneous grid of virtual and physical QuantaStor appliances that scale to 64 nodes spanning on-premises locations and data-centers.  

Heterogenous Grid Technology

QuantaStor's storage grid technology enables organizations to deploy QuantaStor SDS appliances using server hardware from multiple vendors along with VSAs. This simplifies and reduces the cost of scaling a given storage environment while increasing the usable lifespan of the hardware. 

Multi-site Administration

From the QuantaStor SDS web management interface, administrators can provision resource groups with quotas for users and teams so that they can self-service provision storage from the grid.  This is a powerful tool to keep IT costs down and enables organizations to securely delegate provisioning operations to multiple administrators or users. In addition, the QuantaStor's patent-pending Role Based Access Control (RBAC) system provides the necessary tools to limit the scope of operations users can execute as well as the visibility of what storage resources can be viewed within a given storage grid.

Multi-tenancy and NAS Gateway for 3rd Party SANs

Using physical QuantaStor appliances or QuantaStor VSAs, organizations can boost the value of their investments in existing SANs through the use of QuantaStor appliances as NAS gateways.  By delivering storage via FC or iSCSI to a pair of QuantaStor appliances, storage is made highly-available and faster through the use of RAM as a read cache. Combined with compression, encryption, snapshots, replication and other features built into QuantaStor,  IT administrators can boost the value and ROI on existing SAN investments.

Software Licensing Advantages

Traditional SAN appliances typically have extra license fees for features such as disaster recovery, high availability, remote-replication, snapshots, compression, and encryption. QuantaStor SDS software subscription licenses include all features, support and upgrades so that one need not worry about hidden costs which are common traditional SAN/NAS solutions.






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