Server and desktop virtualization environments require highly-available block storage that can deliver consistent performance with minimal downtime. QuantaStor Software Defined Storage appliances are designed with high-availability and scale-out features needed for mission-critical desktop and server virtualization solutions.  

VMware VAAI Integrated with VMware 5 and 6 Certification
To ensure best performance with VM migration and compatibility OSNEXUS keeps QuantaStor SDS up to date with the latest in VMware certifications including VMware 6 and VAAI support.

All Flash and Hybrid-flash Accelerated Storage
For configurations requiring performance in excess of 30K IOPS, OSNEXUS recommends dividing up VMs across multiple hybrid pools in one or more QuantaStor SDS appliance that includes HDD and SSD storage for write logging. Configurations that require over 30K IOPS in a single storage pool should deploy QuantaStor SDS as an all-flash storage appliance that will deliver performance ranging from 30K IOPS to 1M+ IOPS depending on the number and type of SSDs used in the deployment. All highly-available configurations use a shared SAS/Fibre Channel (FC) storage back-end connected via 12G SAS to an external disk enclosure but can also be FC connected to a back-end SAN.

Virtualized Database and OLTP Applications
QuantaStor SDS High Availability (HA) configurations are ideal for the heavy IOPS workloads seen with databases and OLTP applications that run within a virtualized environment. QuantaStor’s integrated ZFS technology combined with QuantaStor’s integrated HA cluster and failover management technology ensures that applications always have access to their storage even in the event of a switch outage, head-node outage or a back-end enclosure outage. Storage pools deliver both file and block storage via all major protocols including NFS, CIFS, iSCSI and Fibre Channel so that applications can make use of any given configuration for both structured and unstructured data. QuantaStor’s ZFS-based Storage Pools also provide the broadest set of enterprise storage features including high-availability, data compression, remote-replication, snapshots, thin-provisioning and encryption. 

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