v5.1.1.008 (March 7th 2019)

by Lauren House

QuantaStor 5.1.1 was deprecated for the 5.1.2 release.

Release Notes


  • Updated Installer ISO [ QSTOR-5684 ]

Network Shares

  • Fixed an issue with customizing the Network Share record size. [ QSTOR-5641 ]


  • Fixed a management service crash related to multi-factor authentication. [ QSTOR-5640 ]

Storage Volume

  • Fixed an issue preventing the creation of passthru Storage Volumes from raw disk devices. [ QSTOR-5636 ]

Disk Devices

  • Fixed an issue with NVME device support. [ QSTOR-5646 ]

Core Service

  • Fixed: The Auto-restart logic for the QuantaStor Management service was updated for the Xenial platform. [ QSTOR-5628 ]